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New Classes and New manga

Journal Entry: Tue May 31, 2011, 6:12 PM
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Desert Tracer and the Kappa to Ieba preview book are officially available, through! You can buy your copies through my store~ (I'll only be taking orders through me at conventions, or starting in June)

Desert Tracer will be available starting ACen 2011! Kappa to Ieba preview book will be available for a limited time, starting Animazement 2011! (If you place an order for Kappa to Ieba before ACen, you MAY pick up your copy there! But must be prepaid!)

Coupon for my AA table~
Artist Alley Coupon by kojika

Figured since I know some of my past students watch me on here, and others might be interested, I'll post some news in regards to my teaching! South Shore Art asked me to add some new classes for the summer session, so wa-la! There are more!  My summer schedule is pretty crazy, but the classes I'm teaching are as follows:

Intro to Manga- Learn the popular Japanese art form of comics called Manga. Students will create an original story, character designs and learn how to lay out manga pages. All supplies are included. (Previously taught class)

Fantasy Drawing- Students will get an introduction to various fantasy and mythological beasts, learn how to draw them and create their own. Creatures covered will include dragons, faeries and beasts from mythology. Students will also get a brief overview of other fantasy-based art such as scenery and armor. All supplies are included.

Exploring Japanese Art- This class will introduce various forms of Japanese art and crafts to students. Each week will feature a different form, including calligraphy, origami and sumi-e. All supplies are included.

Advanced Manga- This class is a continuation for students that have taken the Intro to Manga class. Students will develop their skills for the manga industry for printing. Subjects covered will be digital work, screen toning, dialogue, sound effects, and basic print and pre press skills. Class is limited to 8 students.

Summer session starts June 6! Be sure to sign up to get in~!

Classes will be offered at at least two of the three locations of South Shore art, save for Advanced Manga which is only offered at the Hammond location due to supplies needed (ie, computer). Check out the website for more information:…


Finally decided to actually announce the winner!

Congratulations to :iconrollingtomorrow: for her win~ thanks to everyone for entering! I'll start another contest later, probably in a couple months (once I decide what it will be).

This month is open~

As mentioned before, I'm doing a new kinda character auction this year! For each month this year, I will "auction" off a character from Zos Kias. The winner will not GET the character, but rather get a free piece of art with said character and themselves (or an OC, or even another ZK character, if they prefer). You can keep up to date with it here:…

May Auction: Natasha
ZK Guardian Set 6 by kojika

Current winning bidder: :iconkazehiko:

:bulletred: To vote! Send me a note with your BID. It can be either points, subscriptions, or something else (like art commissions, donations to PKR, or merchandise you make like books and other things). I will note you back to let you know whether or not your bid is the winning bid or not. You will NOT have to give your bid to me UNLESS YOU WIN the auction at the end of the month!!! There's no minimum bid at this point ^^


ACen & Animazement

I'll have an Artist Alley at both cons, so be sure to stop by and say hello~!

Preorders are closed for these two!

Preorders are open~ Same rules apply as usual X3 You have until June 1st to get your orders in~


May's featured artist: :iconazimedes: (past featured)

Check my LJ for con reports and link to con pics X3 Next Con: ACen 2011! Look for me in AA!


Things to do:
-Prize: OC for CryiWolf
-Auction: Older Kazehiko and Lily for Kaze-kun
-Kappa to Ieba (chapters 2-5)
-Koji's Guide to Anime cons (with Aero)
Commision Info:
$10 for one character, 2 for $15...ask for others (cg price)




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kojika Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
LOL! cause you know me too well? i didn't mean it like that though XD

Ooh, congrats~ good luck in the next levels! Dunno how that quite works, but sounds good XD Lol, well, I start drawing people weirdly too, so I can't say anything..XD
Tigrantia Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Too well for what? My sanity? JK, love you. C:
Lol I know, I was joking.

Thanks, but that was BAD news. The next level is on my birthday uuuuugggghhhh I hate the people who decided that.
Where do you start?
kojika Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
wait, what sanity!? XD

Lol, well, but if you get all the way through, don't you win a prize? I tend to start at the chin XD
Tigrantia Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh right. I don't have one. Sorry, my brain is fried... Wait, I don't have that either. Oh dear.

Yeah, you win a prize even if you finish, like, 10th and some places will have tons of people on one place, but STILL. It's such a bother. I don't even like maths.
That's what I always did! Well, since I adopted this style. But now it's the eyes or nothing. ;.;
kojika Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist

lol, well, so still it's a prize XD I hate math, too XD haha~ lol! XD
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Nana-Tukoshi Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
I'll see if i can sign up for one : O
kojika Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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