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Submitted on
July 2, 2011


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Comission Information

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 2, 2011, 7:47 PM
Commission Information - Zos Kias - 日本語を勉強しましょう!Let's Study Japanese! - Novel Art - Story with Amaya - Epitome of Silence, a fantasy RP


Commision Info:

To commission me, please either send me a note here, or drop me an e-mail

Commission Rates/Samples

If you'd like, here are some samples:…

:bulletred:CG- 1 character ($10), 2 characters ($15), etc...(THIS INCLUDES A HALF-ASSED BG)
(*Commission a Zos Kias character and get a 2nd one free~! )

:bulletred:Chibis- 1 character ($5), 2 characters ($7):new:

:bulletred:Comics- $10 for 1 page (detail may cause price to vary)

*Ask for other things, like linearts and rough sketches*

What I will Draw
*fan art
*original (with reference, either pic or written)
*real people
*shounen ai, shoujo ai, and regular pairings

What I will draw for extra cost
*softcore yaoi, yuri, and hentai
*super complicated armor, detail, background, etc

What I will NOT draw
*shouta or lolita
*inflation art
*hardcore yaoi, yuri, and hentai
*anything else that creeps me out, lol

:bulletred:Pencil sketch (1 character) $2
:bulletred:Inked Sketch (1 character) $4
:bulletred:Colored sketch (1 character/with marker) $10
:bulletred:Chibi sketch (1 character) $1

*Add an extra dollar for each extra character.  These rates only apply on site at conventions!

Ask about Cosplay commissions!


:bulletred:Prints- $4 for big (8x10), $1.50 for little (4x6),  Poster size (11x17) $10

:bulletred:Bookmark: $1.50 (discount for complete set)
Bookmark set 1-Tsubasa by kojika-Zodiac Bookmark Set by kojika - Ouran Bookmark Set by kojika-One Piece Bookmark Set by kojika-One Piece Bookmark Set 2 by kojika - Hetalia Bkmk Set 1 by kojika - Hetalia Bkmk Set 2 by kojika - Sailor Moon Bookmark Set by kojika - Star Ocean Bookmark Set by kojika - Dragon Kishidan Bookmark Set by kojika - Vocaloid Bookmark Set by kojika - Gundam Wing Bookmark Set by kojika - Tales of Bookmarks by kojika - Eevolution Bookmark Set by kojika - Fairy Tail Bookmark Set 1 by kojika - Fairy Tail Bookmark Set 2 by kojika - Classic Anime Bkmk Set by kojika - Madoka Magica Bookmark Set by kojika - One Piece Bookmark Set 3 by kojika - Fate Stay Night Bookmark Set by kojika - Tales of Set 2 by kojika

:bulletred:Mugs (ceramic): $15.00
Rainbow Dash Mug by kojikaPinkie Pie Mug by kojikaApple Jack Mug by kojikaFlutter Shy Mug by kojikaDerpy Hooves Mug by kojikaXmas Present: SAO Mug by kojikaNo6 Mug by kojika

:bulletred:Keychains- $3.50 (order only)

:bulletred:Tshirts: $15
Yaoi Tshirt Sample by kojika
Bishe Rule 1 Tshirt Sample by kojika

:bulletred:Clocks: $8 (order only)

:bulletred:Shikigami Plush (Kekkaishi): $10
Shikigami Plush by kojika

:bulletred:Sodom Plus (UraBoku): $25
Sodom Plushie by kojika

:bulletred:Niji Plush (Karneval):
Niji Plushie by kojika

:bulletred:Human Plush (by custom order): $40
Natsu Plush by kojikaCommission: Schrodinger Plush by kojikaRandy Plush-Zos Kias by kojika

:bulletred:Log Pose (One Piece): $15
Nami Cosplay: Log Pose by kojika

:bulletred:Log Pose v2 (One Piece): $30
Log Pose V2 by kojika

:bulletred:2010 Manga Calendar: $15 on Lulu

:bulletred:2011 Manga Calendar: $15 on Lulu

:bulletred:2012 Manga Calendar: $15 on Lulu

:bulletred:2013 Manga Calendar: $20 on Lulu

:bulletred:Customize me:
Bookmark- $5 (one character chibi, lack of background)
Clocks, tshirts, mugs, etc are cost of commission plus product.


Zos Kias:
:bulletred:Volume 01- $6 (s/h $3.50)
:bulletred:Volume 02- $10.00 (s/h ?)
:bulletred:Volume 03- $10.00 (s/h ?)
:bulletred:Volume 04- $10.00 (s/h?)
:bulletred:Volume 05- $10.00 (s/h?)
*ask me directly about coupons on Lulu orders, before you order~

:bulletred:The keychains:
Zos Kias Keychain Designs by kojika
$4.50 each/ set for $12 (plus $1 s/h for each)
With volume 2: $3.50 ea/ $9 for set! ($1 s/h for each)

Zos Kias Bookmark Set by kojika- ZK Bookmark Set 2 by kojika
$1.50 each/set for $7 (plus $1 s/h)
For more information, check out the shop section on Zos Kias

Other original manga:
:bulletred:Desert Tracer ($10, one shot)
:bulletred:Kappa to Ieba($10, ongoing)


NOTE:NONE OF THIS INCLUDES COSTS OF SHIPPING! Usually, shipping will run around $2 and up, but international may run more depending on things, and prices may be heigher depending on how you want it shipped!

PAYMENT METHODS: I accept Paypal, money orders, and cash.


Cause I keep having people ask about this, I'm gonna put this up XD

Commissions for subscriptions? Okaay, I WILL take these, but rarely. If my subbie's gonna run out, I'll accept one. It will just be one character for the cost of a 3 month subscription. If ya wanna get me one that is larger than that, we'll discuss what I'll allow, lol. Typically, these will not have much of a background, and I'll be picky about characters, due to the fact it's like only a bit over $8, and I charge $10 for one character typically.

Commissions for points? Okay, I guess I'll let some of these, too, but only as follows:

Chibi sketch: 150 points
Sketch: 300 points
Colored Chibi (cg): 500 points

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vampiresongka Jan 7, 2014  Student Artist
I...I am definitely getting commissions and prints from you.
kojika Jan 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
vampiresongka Jan 16, 2014  Student Artist
like I said, I love your style and i'm just into commissions lately c:
kojika Jan 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I really need the log pose, could you please contact me? ( Sorry, just couldn't find your e-mail!
kojika Dec 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
lol, twas on my front page XD
AniRichie-Art Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, would you like me to advertise you on my profile?
kojika Aug 31, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I would love it if you did, as long as it's not too much trouble :heart:
AniRichie-Art Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Done! :)
kojika Aug 31, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
:hug: thanks~
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